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COBRA will provide your organization the ability to prepare for, then effectively manage, any crisis at the tactical, command and strategic level. COBRA can help with: situational awareness, rapid alerting, mapping with live sensor & drone integration, multi-user logs, reports & asset tracking, emergency plan access, Ability to Survive and Operate (ATSO) Module, damage assessment, customizations for your organization.

Encore brings its award-winning customer service and Information Technology capabilities to support COBRA. We are committed to ensuring Emergency Management experts at all levels have the best Emergency Management software on the market coupled with a premier integration and support team.

The Best Team. The Best Technology.

In addition to providing Emergency Operations Support technology via COBRA we also have real world experience in developing, integrating, and implementing logistics and management information systems that meet operational readiness objectives. We are not afraid of the future because we are part of the team that is creating the future. We specialize in preparing for the worst situations through solid planning, reliable customer support services, and expert training to ensure smooth execution when your COBRA solution is needed. Encore is your one-stop for deploying, integrating, supporting, and training your team on its COBRA solution.

Encore is a COBRA Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Encore believes selfless service to our communities, especially during emergencies, is the highest calling we can support. We are committed to providing COBRA, our premier Emergency Management solution, to achieve that vision. During an emergency situation, government and community planners and "first responders" demand the best suite of IT resources available. Decision-makers at all levels require instant access to the most current information and the "know-how" to transform that information into action. They should be able to do what they do best - helping people and saving lives - without worrying about anything else. That's what COBRA does. It just works.

Emergency and Incident

Incident management deals with complex, dynamic environments where lives, property, and the environment may be at risk. And therefore it requires the ability to collect, process, and use large amounts of information in as close to real time as possible. That is why COBRA software is used by organizations around the world for daily management, for special events and during disasters.


COBRA's Security Management solution provides a proven, scalable, and flexible platform designed to support the safety and security of your event or organization. The COBRA system is ready to use, web-based and mobile-enabled. COBRA provides multiple tools and applications to support all aspects of safety, security, and emergency management.

Exercise Planning
and Support

COBRA technology can provide your organization with the right tools to plan, conduct, and evaluate exercises to enhance readiness. COBRA can provide custom exercise management tools to assist planners, monitors, and evaluators throughout the full exercise lifecycle. Our tailored, full scale exercises and simulations mimic real world scenarios and case studies, serving as hands-on training and program validation for responders and decision makers.

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