Encore's technical, program/project management support and studies/analysis experience and expertise in the application of new technology and technically-unique solutions to complex fuels and energy issues are recognized in various technical areas through papers published by Encore/C4e. Encore is also experienced in information technology strategic planning, system definition, performance management, and enterprise architecture planning.

Our information technology expertise coupled with functional logistics and fuels expertise is a formula few companies can match. Our senior staff has current and relevant experience in responsible positions in both the government and private industry involving policy-making and managing and operating organizations concerned with providing energy support to military weapon systems and commercial aircraft.

Our people have developed advanced energy and fuel-related technologies; improved policy, procedures and processes; developed information technology to replace antiquated legacy systems; and resolved major technical problems with fuel distribution and weapon systems support.

Petroleum Management Specialists

Fuel quality control
Program Management

Training Support

Program Management
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Project Management and Development
Compliance and Policy

Alternative Fuels

Shale Oil
Bio fuels


Supply chain management
Distribution and transportation logistics
End to end distribution analysis

Analytical Services

Business process improvement
Business case analysis
Strategic planning
Management and metrics development
Policy development and support

System Automation

Information Management
Compliance and Policy
Network Support
Database Management
Enterprise Architecture

Fuels RDT&E

Fuel specification development
Contamination investigation
Additization & Additive development